The HTEA Tiger preps for the first day of school

HTEA Tiger at Florida Zoo
HTEA Tiger at Florida Zoo

Summer is just about over! I can’t believe it! I hope you enjoyed your time off. I sure did! I spent a few weeks visiting my cousins over in Asia and even took a short trip to visit a few friends in the Florida Zoo. It was sure nice to see everyone and we had a great time catching up. Vacation was nice but alas, it’s time to get back in the swing of things!

How do you prepare for your first day? Well, I have created the perfect checklist! Check it out and feel free to “borrow” it before your first day too!

Back To School

  1. Make sure my parents completed ALL the summer paperwork and of course, submitted my Fall lunch order (I simply MUST have a smoothie every week and I can’t pass up a steak sub!) They can find a list of everything they need on their My TigerWeb page.
  2. Read, sign and submit my Mobile Computing Device policy so I can bring my phone, tablet, and/or laptop to school (Grades 6-12 only).
  3. Get my uniform wardrobe ready for the next school year (after all, I did grow ANOTHER two inches over the summer!) Stop by the New and Used Uniform sale, check the HT Pinterest page ( for fabulous uniform outfit ideas, and take mom to my favorite shoe stores on tax-free weekend for new sneaks (bet you can’t guess my shoe-size)!
  4. HTEA Tiger in UniformRemember to attend Orientation to get my Fall schedule and check out all the clubs. My parents like to meet my teachers too but my favorite part is seeing all my fellow tigers again!
  5. Whew, now it’s time to get hardcore! The night before the first day: eat a healthy dinner (mmmm, steak – rare of course!) and go to bed nice and early.
  6. The First Day: Complete my morning work-out (chasing a few of the neighborhood dogs usually works well), eat a healthy breakfast (mmmm, bacon!), and get dressed.
  7. ALWAYS arrive early at HTEA and find the best seat in the room (right next to any new students because I LOVE making new friends). Now I’m ready for the day! Go Tigers!

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