How to Set up iPad Restrictions

Does your child have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) or access to your personal device? iOS devices have many security features that parents don’t know about. You can use these features to help protect your child from accessing inappropriate content; guard your personal data on a shared device; and safeguard you from unexpected credit card bills due to unapproved app and itunes purchases. The following video explains how!

Presented by: Susan Bearden, HTEA Director of Information Technology

5 thoughts on “How to Set up iPad Restrictions”

  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for this video! It will be very helpful to parents and teachers new to using iPads. We are setting up three pilot classrooms with 1:1 iPads this year! Do you have that at your school? Any suggestions on implementation and organization?

    1. Hi Maude,
      Congratulations on your upcoming 1:1 iPad pilot! We have 40 iPads on 2 carts at our upper school (grades 7-12). At our lower school, we have 27 ipads on a cart and 1 per classroom.
      Here are some great resources to help you with your program:
      1. On twitter – Follow the #mlearning, #ipaded, #edapp hashtags. @SNewco always tweets great information about iPads and other mobile devices in education. I frequently share iPad related information as well, you can follow me as @s_bearden.
      2. Check out our school Pinterest page at for curated boards of educational iPad apps by grade level (PreSchool-6) – recommended by our lower school teachers.
      3. Here are links to a few Livebinders you might find helpful: and
      4. My public diigo list of links related to iPads in Education:
      5. Here is another good resource site for deploying ipads:
      Good luck! Feel free to email me at susan.bearden(at) if I can be of any additional assistance!

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